Seller Registration

All consignors must pay the $18 fee to participate.  This fee is required once per sale and is NOT REFUNDABLE.  Sellers earn 70% of their sales.  If you work one 3 hours Partner Shift you will earn an additional 10% of sales.  Partner shifts are NOT guaranteed. 


Returning Consignors enter your email and password and you will be able to pay directly from your Seller Portal. 


NEW Consignors (including those that have sold IN PERSON but NOT ONLINE - click on the link to SIGN UP.  You will enter your email and then you will receive an email to set up your ONLINE account.  There is a 15 minute delay between payment and being able to access the inventory system.  

Please refer to the Sell Page for everything you need to know to have a successful sale!

Sellers are encouraged to join our private seller groups on Facebook or Instagram to find tips, reminders and other helpful information regarding selling.

Please email with any questions!  

INVENTORY SHUT DOWN: Overnight Sunday-Monday, Nov. 8th.

ONLINE SALE: Nov. 10th-14th, 2021

SOLD ITEM DROP OFF: Nov. 17th @ Roselle Drop Off

Nov 18th @ Canlan Sportsplex in Lake Barrington, IL.