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Do you want to sell as many items as possible?  OR  Do you want to maximize what you get for each item?

Pricing Guide

If you would like to sell as many items as possible, we suggest pricing toward the lower end of the price range. Over the past four years we have found that the consignors who price a bit lower tend to be the highest earners because they have been able to sell more items.


On the other hand, if you have another use for your unsold items (i.e. a close friend that would love your hand me downs) you may want to price them on the higher end and see what happens.


Following is a table to assist you with your pricing (these are suggestions, not rules).

All items must meet a $4 minimum.


If you don’t find your item listed, a general rule of thumb is to price your items at approximately 25% of retail (if you paid $20 at the store, you would sell it for $5). Please note that we are saying 25% of retail, not off retail, which would be like a sale in a store. Please take brand, size, condition and age into consideration and adjust the percentage accordingly. In addition, ask yourself, what would you pay for a similar item?

Girls Clothing


Boys Clothing


Baby Gear

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