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If you haven't registered yet, please visit the Sell page.


 Guidelines detailed here will help you have a successful and profitable sale!

Inventory for ONLINE event

  • To begin working with inventory make sure you select the correct seller ID from the drop down box to ensure that you are correctly credited for your sales.This is a different inventory system than what we use for our in person events. 

  • The ONLINE event inventory system is very user friendly.  Continue to use line one for BRAND and line two for DESCRIPTION. Drop down menus are used for sizes and categories.  There are many more categories to select from for the ONLINE event.

  • DO NOT include any special characters in the description (ex: **NWT!!).  These items will not transfer into the online platform correctly and will be deleted.

  • You set your own prices, but the minimum is $4 per item.  Group outfits or same size items together to meet this minimum if necessary.

  • No item limit for ONLINE event.

  • Don't forget to check the Items & Brands Not Accepted.

  • Please use Recall Finder to check that your items have not been recalled. Recalled items cannot be part of the sale.​​​​



  • Printer paper or 2x4 mailing labels for sold item labels.  Mailing labels can only be used for tags once the event is over.  They MUST be printed from PDF files that are loaded into the account.

  • Scissors

  • Rubber bands - to roll items and then secure sold item labels.

  • Waste can liners for bagging small lots.

  • Trash bags for larger items.  Large Items such as strollers, push toys, etc DO NOT need to be bagged.

  • Tape to adhere labels to bags (no scotch tape)




  • Photos work best VERTICAL.

  • Take photos in good light.  Use a blanket or wood floor for background.

  • Using your phone or ipad for pictures.  Pictures MUST BE in .jpeg format.  

  • Save photos as medium size - not actual size.

  • The use of rulers in photos can help show size of items - especially with toys.

  • Uploading the same photo twice is the biggest mistake.  You will have a chance to double check your items prior to them being uploaded to the ONLINE platform.  Once items are uploaded no changes are able to be made.

  • GCOS is not responsible for photos that don't load due to incorrect file size, corrupt images, etc.


  • Within 24 hours of the close of online sale Consignors will receive a report with sold items and buyer tags that will need to be printed and attached to sold items.  PDF files must be used for mailing labels.

  • All sold items must be bagged or rolled and secured with a rubber band with SOLD ITEM TAG.

  • DO NOT bag multiple sold items together for the same buyer.  Each item must be tagged individually.

  • NO HANGERS needed! 

  • Consignors will select a drop off appointment.

  • Sort bags into ALPHA order prior drop off appointment.

  • Consignors will be responsible for helping sort their sold items into Buyer piles.


  • For ONLINE we will be accepting Women's Athletic Wear, Women's Outerwear, Women's Clothing  and Women's Shoes & Accessories.  Athletic Wear is defined at clothing designed to be worn for sports, exercise and outdoor activity.  NO SPORTS BRAS.

  • Brands accepted for Women's Athletic Wear: Athleta, CALIA, Columbia, Lululemon, North Face, Patagonia and any other brands currently accepted for our children's clothing.

  • RE-Giftables - any family friendly item that is New In Box or New with Tags.

  • Maternity - Brand restrictions apply.  No lines from Old Navy, Target or Walmart.

  • Junior clothing is accepted for ONLINE.  Brand restrictions apply.

  • No VHS will be accepted.

  • No stuffed animals will be accepted.

  • If selling Crafts and Craft Kits, they must be NEW IN BOX.

  • NEW SUMMER 2021 - we are introducing THE CENTSIBLE CLOSET.  This is a curated collection of our favorite bargain brands for PLAY and EVERYDAY.  Brands that may be included in this collection are: Bonnie Jean, Carter's, Cat & Jack, Champion, Cherokee, Old Navy, OshGosh & Reebok.  


  • It is critical that Consignors are committed to the quality inspection process for their items.  This includes checking for stains, tears, excessive fading, brands not accepted.  Consignors are responsible for selecting the correct categories and accurately managing sold items.  

  • A Quality Assurance charge of 25% of the cost of the item returned will be    retained by GCOS. (For example if item returned was sold for $8 GCOS will retain $2 from seller for handling the return).  This will be applied to duplicate items sold, any item not brought to drop off that was sold online and items rejected by the buyer due to quality issues.

  • If a consignor discovers a flaw PRIOR to presenting the item to the buyer they may mark their tag in red for “Buyer Review”.  If the item is returned there is no charge to the consignor.  Buyer Review Items must be logged with GCOS staff at drop off.

Selling Handbags

  •  If you have the original storage bags please include those. NO KNOCK OFFS.

  • Click here for a link with some guidelines on how to determine if a bag is authentic. 

  • If you would like to include a brand that is not on this list please email us for consideration. 

  • Handbag brands accepted:

    • Banana Republic

    • Big Buddha

    • Brighton

    • Burberry

    • Coach

    • Dooney & Burke

    • Juicy Couture

    • Louis Vuitton

    • MARC by Marc Jacobs

    • Michael Kors

    • MICHAEL by Michael Kors

    • Rebecca Minkoff

    • Sam Edelman

    • Salvatore Ferragamo

    • Steve Madden

    • STEVEN by Steve Madden

    • Tory Burch

    • Vera Bradley

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