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Mary Kate

My name is Mary Kate and I have a 6 year old son and boy/girl twins who are 3 years old. I am a stay-at-home mom and have lived in the Chicago area for the past three years, although I went to grade school and middle school here. We moved from California just before the twins were born. I used to visit family in Barrington and went to the Growing Cents of Style sale a few times - even before my son was born! I love to shop but will never pay full price for anything - it’s the thrill of the hunt for a bargain. I learned this from my mom.

I have been consigning for two years and have been a part of the sale for at least three years. I look forward to cleaning closets and organizing toy areas prior to the sale. I make money but I also spend money. I really like volunteering my time - it’s a social thing and gives me some adult time away from my kids! It doesn’t take me a lot of time to prepare for a sale - I wait until the l ast minute and try to do it when my kids are asleep. If my kids try to help, we end up keeping a lot more toys then I want.

The only tips I have are: keep your prices on the low end if you want your items to sell - decide what you would pay for the item if you were shopping at GCOS. Donate what you don’t want to see back, especially toys. If your kids are helping you, tell them you will give them a percentage of what you make but try not to promise you will buy them something at the sale - that usually ends up in a disaster (there goes the organized toy areas!) Finally, make sure to look at your clothes with a keen eye - no stains or fading. You wouldn’t buy it, no one else will either. Have fun!!!

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