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Being a mother of twins, resales were second nature to me. I'd sold and bought at our local club's semi-annual sales for 4 years, but I got tired of seeing the same things brought back year after year. The quality of the items were an issue also. Items were...very loved - for lack of a better term. I had a friend mention in passing that she was going to the Growing Cents of Style resale. I figured what could it hurt? So I went as my first time as a buyer. That first sale I went Saturday then back again Sunday for half off items. WOW! Even though no new items were brought out, I saw so many different things the second time around.

Now I'm a seller and I look forward to it every year. Jenny knows exactly what to do to make the shopping experience go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. The work shifts are more like a play date for adults... minus the beverages. Wherever you're placed for the shift is fun. If you're out in the racks you can check and see how your items are doing. If you're counting items you can use an encouraging word to the buyer. If you're ringing up you can see all your lovely things going out the door to a new family. Personally, I always have my items marked as half off. I'd love to get the full price for them but bottom line is I'd really not like to have to bring anything back home. You can also have your items that don't sell go as a donation to WINGS.

Jenny also does such wonderful philanthropic work with her resales. The Charitable partners are: Hope 4 Bridget, Wishes for Scarlett, WINGS and even a local animal shelter. If you notice a common theme for the charities - they are all within the Barrington Area. The girls selling books by checkout, those sales go to help Wishes for Scarlett. Children learn by example and Jenny is definitely a wonderful example for her girls!

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