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Consignor Guidelines

Please read through the information provided on this page. Following the guidelines detailed here will help you have a successful and profitable sale.

Entering Inventory

  • To begin working with your inventory, click on the Work with Inventory link located in the menu to the left.

  • You must consign a minimum of 10 items.

  • You set your own prices, but the minimum is $4 per item.  Group items together if needed to get $4.

  • How much money you make will depend on how many items you consign, how reasonably you price them and the quality of the items. Please see Price Guide for pricing help.

  • Consignors receive 70% of their sales. If a consignor participates in one 3-hour Partner Shift they will earn 80% of their sales.

  • There is no item limit when selling online.

  • Don't forget to check the Items & Brands Not Accepted.

  • Please use Recall Finder to check that your items have not been recalled. Recalled items cannot be part of the sale.​​​​

Reactivating Inventory from Prior Sales

  • INACTIVE INVENTORY is any inventory that was entered during a prior sale.

  • Inactive items can be changed to ACTIVE INVENTORY by consignor, if you are planning on bringing it to the upcoming sale.

  • ACTIVE INVENTORY also includes any inventory item that has been entered during the current sale.

  • If you make an changes to inventory items from a previous sale you MUST REPRINT that sales tag as the original barcode is no longer valid.

Toys and Non-Clothing Items

  • Any item with multiple pieces should be secured together (i.e. taped-up in a clear, plastic bag).

  • All items must be in excellent working condition. Please include working batteries if needed to ensure working order.

  • Books will be limited to only 10 of your item numbers. You may secure sets together in order to sell more than 5 books.

  • DVDs will be limited to only 5 of your item numbers. You may secure sets together in order to sell more than 5 DVDs.

  • We are now accepting Home Decor for Spring 2020.  You will be limited to 5 inventory numbers for these items.  No holiday or glass items accepted.  No large furniture pieces.  Minimum price for Home Decor is $5 per item.

  • No VHS will be accepted.

  • No stuffed animals will be accepted.

  • If selling Crafts and Craft Kits, they must be NEW IN BOX.

Hanging Items

  • All clothing items must be hung on child sized hangers with the hanger opening facing to the left, like a question mark. Adult sized hangers may be used in sizes 8 and up as appropriate.

  • You must provide your own hangers.

  • When hanging an outfit, pieces should be safety-pinned together

Drop-Off Appointment & Inspection

  • All items must be hung and tagged prior to checking in at your drop-off appointment.

  • Bring a copy of your inventory log with you to your appointment.

  • At your scheduled drop-off time, your items will be inspected for the following

    1. All items must be hung on child sized hangers with the hanger opening facing to the left. Adult sized hangers may be used in sizes 8 and up as appropriate.

    2. All items will be checked for stains, rips, tears, excessive wear.

    3. All clothing items will be checked against the Brands Not Accepted List

    4. All clothing will be checked that it is seasonally appropriate.

  • Please plan on 30 minutes for your drop-off appointment.  All consignors are responsible for putting items on the sales floor during their drop off appointment.

  • To expedite the process of putting items on the floor you can divide your items by gender and size prior to coming to your drop off appointment. Items do not need to be in inventory number order.

  • Your drop off appointment MAY NOT be during your Partner Shift. If you schedule your appointment before your Partner Shift again please make sure that you plan for enough time to put your items away before your shift begins.

  • If you are unable to make your drop off appointment you must use the online schedule to set up another appointment. Only those with appointments will be allowed to drop off.

Consignor Guidelines >: Homepage_about

After the Sale

  • If you mark your unsold items for donate they will be given to local charities.

  • Pick up of all unsold items (not marked for donation) will be on Sunday of the sale. Items will be sorted by Consignor Number.

  • Unsold Item Pickup Schedule for the Sunday evening of the sale (by last name):

    • A-K: 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    • L-R: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    • S-Z: 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Monday pickup is also available. Pickup will be from 9am-11:15am. Donation truck will arrive at 11:30am on Monday.

  • The exception to this schedule is any consignor who participates in a sort shift on Sunday. These begin at 1pm. Following their shift these consignors may take home their unsold items.

  • If your items are not marked for donate and you choose not to pickup your unsold items you must email saying that you will not be picking up. If we do not receive an email and you do not pickup $25 will be deducted from your consignor check as we will have to transport your items and then verify your plans.

  • If you pick up your unsold items they will remain in your inventory log and can be put into future sales. Tags may be kept on the clothing/items. You must reprint a sales tag if you change any of the information in the inventory program (i.e. price) for a future sale.

  • Need help? Contact us at or for live help call Jenny at 847-909-3996. 

Consignor Guidelines >: Homepage_about

Selling Handbags

  • Brands MUST be from the list below. If you have the original storage bags please include those. NO KNOCK OFFS.

  • Click here for a link with some guidelines on how to determine if a bag is authentic. We will be checking bags during drop off. Copies of these guidelines will also be available for shoppers.

  • Bags will be displayed near the front of the sale and monitored by a worker during the sale.

  • If you would like to include a brand that is not on this list please email us for consideration. If the brand is accepted it will be updated on this list.

  • Handbag brands accepted:

    • Banana Republic

    • Big Buddha

    • Brighton

    • Burberry

    • Coach

    • Dooney & Burke

    • Juicy Couture

    • Louis Vuitton

    • MARC by Marc Jacobs

    • Michael Kors

    • MICHAEL by Michael Kors

    • Rebecca Minkoff

    • Sam Edelman

    • Salvatore Ferragamo

    • Steve Madden

    • STEVEN by Steve Madden

    • Tory Burch

    • Vera Bradley

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